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zaterdag 6 januari 2018

Finding a Job in Customer Service: Skills and Experience

Skills and Experience for Finding a Job in Customer Service

With the growth of social networks and internet connectivity, customer service has never been more important for some of the world's largest companies. Now that everyone is a publisher and can find products and services for his friends and followers, brands have to make more effort to let their customers enjoy on and offline. Jobs in customer service can be very diverse, from call center representatives to executive customer service consultants. This article is all about how to increase your chances of landing that role in customer services.


Excellent communication skills are needed for most customer service roles. Call centre operatives require good verbal communication skills in order to be heard and understood, as do customer service representatives who communicate with customers in person. Those dealing with emails, social media or other written enquiries require excellent writing skills.

People Skills

One of the most important skills you can possess, and demonstrate to a potential employer, is people skills. It doesn’t come naturally to everybody. Other customer-facing roles will help support a job application, but appearing friendly and communicating well in interview is a key way in which employers can tell if you’re really a “people person” or not.

Patience and Empathy

When products or services go wrong, customer can feel l let down, poorly serviced or just plain cheated, so customer service representatives often have to bare the brunt of these customers’ complaints. Arguing or being dismissive is only likely to make the situation worse, so it’s important that customer service people can empathise with even the most unreasonable of customers. Regardless of their language, rudeness or arrogance, customer service representatives need to do everything in their power to please them.


In customer service management, there are often set processes to handle certain types of communication. Social media customer service representatives might even have response maps which help them to respond quickly to messages and mentions without seeking the approval of their superiors. While sometimes this guidance can be provided, customer service representatives need to get used to showing initiative and dealing with requests themselves.
Of course, initiative means responsibility, and it can backfire, but it’s impossible for managers to train representatives in what to do in every conceivable situation.

Organisation and Multi-Tasking

Like almost any professional role, jobs in customer service will usually require excellent organisation skills, and employers will often ask for evidence of multi-tasking in previous job roles. Teamwork is also an important skill to possess as often customer service teams will need to pull together to manage customer enquiries effectively.

Drs. Christiaan Janssens MBA
Executive Coach CJ Coaching
CRO Akwa Wellness

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