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vrijdag 5 januari 2018

8 Useful Tips to Improve your CV

8 Useful Tips to Improve your CV 

A CV serves as an advertisement to market yourself in the job market. So, it needs to be developed in a very careful and professional way. A small mistake in this regard can get you in a lot of trouble. Here are some useful tips that can be used to make your CV an ideal one:

Consider a Broader Perspective

You should always remember that a potential employer who takes your CV at face value would merely be a fool. Make sure to keep your digital presence accurate, up to date and consistent with your CV. If you have a blog or website that you are actually proud of, mention it on the CV. If you have uploaded anything on a social media website that you would never want your potential employer to see, check and double check. Keep your privacy settings updated in order to avoid such risks. Google yourself and check what comes up.

Keep it Precise

Most of the potential employers only spend a few moments glancing over your CV, so it is better not to include too many things in it. It is ideal make it as precise as possible; one page is considered to be ideal in this regard.

Get All the Basics Right

Always list your experience in reverse order. Provide explanation for any gaps. Put all the dates in the same format. At a higher career level, you may not need to include all the beginning stuff like GCSE etc. Keep all the contact details accurate – employers often ask for references if they require them. Check your grammar and spellings and if you are not good at that, ask someone else to do it for you.

Prioritize the Achievements over Responsibilities

Don’t list a role unless it is likely to be very unfamiliar, there is no point in including something that relates to a job description in your CV. Instead, mention the things that you have achieved in terms of work quality, profitability and professional relationship. Mention your personal contribution instead of listing what the organization or team delivered.

Write a Personal Profile

Although, it is quite difficult to write a personal profile, but is also very effective at the same time. In order to make it work for you, avoid the clich├ęs like “a team player who can work independently.” Also avoid the use of third person because it often sounds forced. If it is too uncomfortable for you, then just let your qualification and experience speak for themselves.

Try to Make Your Interests Interesting

If they don’t sound interesting, it’s better not to mention them. They would be interesting if they say something really important about your personality, are relevant to your potential employer, or are particularly memorable. Most people like going to cinema, eating out and travelling – not many people make their own clothes or play violin or trumpet.

 Think About its Appearance

Take some time to find the right typeface for your CV. Structure all the headings and sub headings in a well organized way. If you like any CV design, borrow it, or get a qualified designer to have a look at it – it’s a great investment. When you are done with all that save it as PDF in order to make sure that no one can change it in any way.

Seek Feedback

You should go through your CV with a critical eye (as a potential employer would), then ask some else to do the same for you.

Good Luck with your job hunting!

Drs. Christiaan Janssens MBA
Executive Coach CJ Coaching
CRO Akwa Wellness

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