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vrijdag 5 januari 2018

4 Recruiting Tips for Startups

4 Recruiting Tips for Startups

Starting a company and raising it to the levels where it can be recognized by others and compete effectively with similar companies is not an easy task. However,applying the right recruiting tips and hiring the right staff makes this easier to achieve.If you have a startup company, then the four 4 cool recruiting tips listed below will help you get the right staff for your new company.

1. Schedule the Interview Yourself

If you have a job vacancy in your startup company, many candidates are likely to show interest by applying for the post, either directly or through a recruiter. However, receiving a message or resume directly from the candidate or from a recruiter (for an interested candidate) is not a guarantee that they are going to follow-up. Instead, you have to take up the follow-up initiative.Schedule time to have a conversation with the candidate. When you are scheduling for this meeting, ensure that the time you select is appropriate for both you and the candidate, and, of course,inform the candidate of the scheduled time.This will help the candidate prepare effectively.

2. Pay Attention to Substance

Social media is one of the best ways you can get the right candidate for your company. For your company or business to grow, you need to increase its network, and social media networks have become effective tools in achieving this. However, Getting a candidate’s resume through social media networking alone is not enough. Take the time to see how the candidate is involved in the media and how active he/she is. Analyze the kind of discussions the candidate has and whether they are likely to be of great importance to your startup company. Remember that the social media tools alone are not valuable to your company; it is how these tools can be used to build and grow your company that matter most.

3. Choose the Best People First and Train Later

Startup businesses do not recruit people whom they are going to train;they prefer candidates who have the skills necessary to work for the company right away.It is therefore better to select ready-to-work candidates so that they can start delivering their services once they are employed. You can then train them later based on the specific requirements of your company.

4. Remember to Follow-up

Be sure to follow-up with a candidate once communication between you has started. You should never say anything that you do not mean. When you promise a candidate that you will get back to him/her in a week’s time, be sure to do so even if there is no advancement on the issue you discussed. Explain the situation as it is to the candidate so that he/she can decide what to do. Manage expectations; do not promise anything that is not feasible.

Hiring for a startup can be difficult. You donÕt have the luxury of picking bad candidates because your budget typically will not allow for waste. Use the above tips, be picky, and ensure your success.Do not keep the candidate expecting too much yet there is nothing being waited.

Drs. Christiaan Janssens MBA
Executive Coach CJ Coaching
CRO Akwa Wellness

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