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vrijdag 5 januari 2018

3 Tips for Finding Better Employees Through Your Company Blog

3 Tips for Finding Better Employees Through Your Company Blog

Company Blog
Many companies drum up a great deal of business using their blogs. While using your company blog in order to boost revenues and market share is a great way to do business in the internet era there are other ways to utilize your company’s blog. In addition to commerce you can also use your company blog to find suitable candidates to staff your company. This guide will give you 3 tips to help you find better employees through your company blog.

1. Create a page on your company blog specifically for potential job seekers

In order for potential recruits to even consider your company you must have a landing page that lists details related to potential jobs at your company. This landing page should be informative and easy to find and navigate. On this page you should list any available positions, what requirements you have for potential candidates that wish to apply at your company, and a method for the job seeker to contact you. The contact method can be by phone or email, or through the blog itself. This is the first step for finding awesome hires through your company blog.

2. Advertise your company blog on job websites like Craigslist and Monster.com

Potential employees must be able to find your company blog in order for you to effectively use it to find candidates for working at your company. In order to gain greater exposure for your company blog it is important that you post any relevant job listings on sites that job seekers frequent. Be sure to make the listings relevant to the categories on each site and make sure to post relevant information in each post like contact details, salary, requirements for the position, etc.

3. Use the right keywords on your blog to bring in great employees.

When people search for open job positions on the internet a large number of people use Google. One of the hallmarks of Google and other large search engines is the fact that they use keywords to determine the relevance of a particular post or website. If you have a position you need filled through your company blog make sure that the post has the correct keywords interspersed naturally throughout the page. For example if you wish to hire a computer engineer you should use keywords like computer engineering, computer engineer hire, computer engineer job and related keywords. The more relevant keywords that your ad or blog post contains the more relevant visitors you will receive, which will lead to better and more effective inbound applications.

Your company blog is a powerful tool for all kinds of business. Not only can it give your company much needed customer exposure, it can help you to build a great team of employees to service those customers. Compared to hiring someone to find new employees, or using a temp service finding employees through your blog not only benefits potential job seekers, it benefits your company by allowing you to reach people who need jobs directly rather than through a third party.

Drs. Christiaan Janssens MBA
Executive Coach CJ Coaching
CRO Akwa Wellness

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