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vrijdag 5 januari 2018

How to Hire the Right People Using These 3 Qualification Measures

How to Hire the Right People Using These 3 Qualification Measures

Google is a reputable employer, and receives millions of applications every year. Did you know that the firm’s recruiters only accept about a half of one percent of these applications? How do they do it? As a recruiter, you should know that it takes more than an impressive resume to qualify a job candidate for a position. This post discuses three qualification measures you should take to ensure that you land the right person for the job.

Be On the Lookout for Charmers

People have different personalities, and you should be able to categorize your candidates so that you can have a clear idea on how to handle them. The types of candidates you should be wary of are charmers. Charmers are candidates who exhibit excellent qualities on paper and have excellent communications skills. You know what you need for the position to be filled, the necessary qualifications and even experiences, but they will charm their ways into your hearts. You can even find yourself coming up with a non-existent position so that you do not leave them out of your firm.

To weed out charmers, don’t restrict your interview questions to simple yes and no answers. You should have several questions; including non-job related ones, which require deep and thoughtful answers from the candidates. By listening to and analyzing the answers, you will be able to identify charmers.

Craft a Good Job Advertisement

In general, job ads should be as thorough and as specific as possible especially with vacancies in education. However, you should be aware that a too specific advert can easily lock out some qualified candidates. Just ensure that your specifics are things that your applicants must have, for example, a pilot must have flight training. Though experience is good, what makes you think that the job description your candidate had in another firm was exactly like the position you are looking to fill? This kind of assumption can easily lock out qualified entry-level applicants who can easily be trained to do the job. After all, the ability to adapt to particular situations is more important than an experience of a specific number of years. Therefore, when questioning your candidates’ results, ensure you go a step further and inquire whether they gained something from their experiences. Don’t employ a candidate with an experience of ten years who seemed to have been sleeping through the period at the expense of another one with actionable results from an experience of 6 years.

Use Psychometric Testing

Psychometric testing (which involves tests for personality, motivation, educational  reasoning, abilities and even personality) is increasingly being used by many recruiters. Why do you think the adoption of Psychometric testing before candidate selection is rapidly gaining ground? This is because such tests have been proven to help find the best job candidates, is easy to use and does not cost that much amount of money. Did you know that only approximately 10% of your workforce is involved in most activities in your business? Using psychometric testing, you can ensure that this 10% is the best of the best. Don’t forgo this test if you wish to hire top performers for your company and enjoy increased productivity, which every recruiter desires.

There are other qualification measures you can adopt, but these are among the most important. Use them to hire only suitable candidates and reduce the time spent in hiring them.

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