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vrijdag 5 januari 2018

3 Ways How Your Company Training Program can Impact Your Recruiting Efforts

3 Ways How Your Company Training Program can Impact Your Recruiting Efforts

The internal training processes within each company tend to reflect the culture of the organization and offer numerous benefits to the hiring team, current workers, and potential employees. There are all sorts of useful training offerings including new employee training, continued programs for current staff, tuition reimbursement plans, and more.

Read on for three ways your company training program can positively effect your recruiting efforts and learn how to leverage these programs for the success of your business.

Hire the best job candidates

By offering training programs to incoming employees, applicants will rank your organization more highly in their search process. Providing on-the-job training and employee improvement opportunities can help you attract the best and the brightest. Candidates will view these programs as a benefit and you will likely see an increase in the number and quality of applications. This influx means the recruiting team has more options and can be more selective when it comes to the hiring process.

Transform employees into well-rounded members of your organization

For some companies, a new employee will stick out like a sore thumb. It takes time to learn the ropes and adapt to the culture of a new office. On-boarding programs for new employees can help ease that transition, and later, on-the-job training can help them better adjust to office norms. Additionally, various training programs can help existing employees learn skills outside their department to make them more useful to the company as a whole.

Retain current or new employees for a longer period of time

Training protocols can keep existing team members engaged and interested in the work, and help a company retain new hires for longer than they might otherwise. This can help an organization spend less on overhead. By offering enticing training programs, the hiring team can insource existing staff rather than spend time and money hiring externally. Look within your company, train up people to do jobs that would otherwise have been done by a new hire, and save thousands of dollars.

It can be tricky to attract top talent and keep them on board for years to come, but employees regularly acknowledge that when it comes to workplace satisfaction, they place a higher premium on things like flexibility, benefits, and the chance for advancement, than simply salary. Company training programs can have a significant impact on the number of applications you receive, the quality of the candidates, and the overall image of the business. Use this information to your advantage and offer engaging training within your organization to positively influence recruiting efforts.

Drs. Christiaan Janssens MBA
Executive Coach CJ Coaching
CRO Akwa Wellness

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