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zaterdag 6 januari 2018

What Employers REALLY Want to Hear from Interviewees

What Employers REALLY Want to Hear from Interviewees

There are thousands of guides out there that claim to have all the secret interviewing techniques that will net any job. But these are rarely, if ever, written be employers. That’s why this guide is here to give a snapshot of just some of the interview techniques that can woo employers and make them think twice about choosing somebody else.


If there’s anything that angers an employer it’s an interviewee who doesn’t know anything about the company they are joining. They won’t ask them to rattle off anything about the company, but they are expecting to see a demonstration that they already know something about the company. This doesn’t necessarily have to be reciting previously-learned facts and figures; it can be a simple query. If, for example, the employer asks whether the individual has any questions then they would ask about what the company is doing next after the major contact signing with XXX. It shows initiative and enthusiasm.

Stupidity is not a Virtue

There are just some things that some never be asked about or enquired into during an interview. Ask or talk about any of the following things and that’s pretty much the end of any job prospects. However, if the interviewer happens to bring them up first then its fine to speak about them, but don’t make them a sticking point.

“How much do I get paid?”
“What are the bonuses like in your company?”
“How much holiday time do I get each year?”
“When can I take my holiday?”
“Which desk will I be getting?”

They show a selfish side of the applicant and this is a first-class ticket out of any company for the foreseeable future.

Dress Well

This shouldn’t have to be said, but the amount of people who turn up in casual clothing to an interview is quite frankly alarming. Always wield smart business dress to any interview, even if it will never have to be worn again. It shows the applicant has made an effort and really wants the job. And always make sure that shoes are polished and are not trainers. Even in a nice suit the wrong shoes can completely ruin the look.

Employers Don’t Care About You

Employers don’t care about the applicant. It’s true. They are not looking for how they can help them; they are looking at how they can help the company. Ok, the employer is not stupid and they know that things like pay are important to the applicant, but it’s an unsaid subject. When entering an interview it’s important to gear as much as possible towards bringing something to the company. If the individual can’t bring anything new to the company then they don’t have a point, in the eyes of the employer.

Never Lie

Those who lie always get found out eventually. Exaggeration is encouraged and it’s foolish to do anything else, but blatant lies are the perfect way to get fired. And they get caught even if it happens to be years later.

Drs. Christiaan Janssens MBA
Executive Coach CJ Coaching
CRO Akwa Wellness

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