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zaterdag 6 januari 2018

How to Make the Hiring Process Work for You

How to Make the Hiring Process Work for You

Knowledge can be a powerful, but applied knowledge is insurmountably more effective. So for job seekers looking for their next career opportunity, it's not just about understanding what happens during the job application process. Rather, it is about understanding the "why" and the "how" of background screening and assessment tools to use these procedures to maximize the possibility of a favorable outcome.

The first step is to understand the differences between background screening and pre-employment assessments because, surprise, they’re not the same thing!

Pre-employment assessments typically occur early on in the hiring process to act as filters for candidates who clearly would not function well in the available position or within the overall company culture.  Studies have shown that a multi-dimensional view of a candidate is most effective for appropriately predicting candidate success.  As such, pre-employment assessments seek a variety of information including whether or not the candidate has the necessary skills, if their personality and behavior indicates that they will actually do the job, and how successful they have been in the past. For example when looking for social media marketing jobs London competition can be fierce.

Consequently, the most important candidate act during the hiring process is to be honest and truthful.  Candidates can be sure that any skeletons in their closet will make their way out. But prospective employers are much more receptive to hearing a candidate’s side of the story if they haven’t had to find out about such circumstances on their own. Being open and candid from the get go is the best way to ensure a successful outcome for both parties.Remember that these tools are smart. Do not try to “game” the system by providing answers that only seem like what the company wants to hear.  Modern pre-employment assessment tests have been scientifically developed to detect such falsities and, consequently, doing so will often hurt the candidate more than if they’d answered honestly.

Background screening, on the other hand, refers to background and reference checking and is usually found near the end of the selection process – often as contingencies to an employment offer. Both tools are used to determine the validity of the information candidates have supplied about themselves.  Likewise, employers want to be certain that they aren’t just hiring productive candidates, but individuals who comply with ethical and moral standards.

Similarly, the references that a candidate supplies should be carefully considered.  If a reference fails to acknowledge any candidate shortcomings or areas for future development, employers will likely disregarded the reference altogether. Unfortunately, this can reflect poorly on the candidate.

Finally, don’t forget that the hiring process should act as a two-way street! The candidate is not the only one being interviewed. Candidates should use the screening process to determine if the firm is an appropriate fit for them.

Drs. Christiaan Janssens MBA
Executive Coach CJ Coaching
CRO Akwa Wellness

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