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zaterdag 6 januari 2018

The Perfect Corporate Event: 3 Tips for Success

How to Arrange the Ideal Corporate Event?

Corporate events remain big business in 2018, as leading brands and independent businesses throughout the world compete to retain their staff and inspire a motivated work force. Despite their growing popularity in the commercial world, however, organizers face a difficult challenge to create a customized team building event that generates interest and genuine participation among its attendees.

With this in mind, it is clear that planning a successful team building event is something of an art form, and an exercise that requires a great deal of research, preparation and genuinely creative thinking. Without taking the time to consider the aim of the event and the individual team in question, it is impossible to create an experience that satisfies all parties involved.

So how should you approach conceiving and developing your team building idea?

3 Tips for Success:

1. Empower Your Staff With Responsibility for the Event

Regardless of whether you ultimate aim is to create a greater team unity or inspire improved individual performances, every attendee must feel as though they are participating in something genuinely unique and worthwhile. The best way to achieve this is by empowering them as a key part of the decision making and brain storming processes, so that the team themselves have input in determining the destination of the event and the activities that define it.

2. Develop a Clear Goal and Purpose for Your Team Building Event

Team building events are not like an office party or Christmas night out, as they must be created with a specific purpose and goal in mind. Without this, any corporate bonding exercise will be entirely without structure, and runs the risk of leaving your attendees feeling uninspired and disappointed.  It is also crucial not to let your event overtake its core purpose, as this can detract from what you are attempting to achieve.

3. Offer a Reward for All Who Participate

We live in an age where the consumer is king, and this means that individuals within society are far more demanding in terms of what they expect from leading brands and employers. Any corporate team building event that you propose must offer a tangible reward for all of your staff who participate, whether this is evident through the experience itself or the offering of specific awards and prizes. Introducing an air of competition can be a great way to facilitate physical prize giving, and also engage participants on a far greater level.

The Bottom Line

These tips can help you to create and define your corporate team building event, and ensure that it engages all participants and achieves an overall aim. Without adopting a dedicated and structured approach to your preparation, it is impossible to satisfy either your own ambitions or those of your staff, and any event that results from disorganization is likely to achieve little more than a financial loss for your firm. So whether you go it alone or employ the services of an event’s management, invest time as well as money when planning your event, and empower staff members as valued and contributing participants.

Drs. Christiaan Janssens MBA
Executive Coach CJ Coaching
CRO Akwa Wellness

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