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dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Just forget the Competition! Or not?

Just forget the Competition!

It is very important to think about the competition in developing your strategy and to try to develop a unique differentiated position for your products and services.

But when you’re selling, that is communicating with customers, thinking about your competitors, or even your differentiators, can be a very big mistake.

What customers are in the first place interested in, is what you can do for them: the end results or benefits they get.

But when you think about your competitors, your focus turns instead to yourself and what you do, and how tis is different from what they do. Your communication begins to move away from being more customer-focused, to being more seller or even more product-focused.

In fact, in the majority of cases, the best way to differentiate yourself is not to think about your competitors. Instead it is much better to focus purely on the value you bring your customers.

If you really understand that value, and you can communicate it clearly to your customer, then nine times out of ten you willl be the only one doing so. And that in itself will make a huge difference!

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