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dinsdag 16 januari 2018

Does Cold Calling Give You the Chills?

Does Cold Calling Give You the Chills?

Some people are great at it. Calling strangers and people they barely know comes easy for them. They speak with ease and don’t take it personally when potential customers are rude, curse at them or slam down the phone in their ear. Some people are born to be cold callers.

Then there are the rest of us.

Breaking out in a cold sweat, hands quivering, heart pounding so loud the neighbors think someone’s knocking on their door.

We put it off. “Making calls” is last on our to-do list every day and we conveniently never get to it. So we put it on the next day’s list. At the bottom. So the cycle continues. And it never gets done.

But there are times when cold calling can not only is a good idea, it’s necessary. Maybe you got a couple of leads and if you wait, you may lose the opportunity to gain new customers. You know it needs to be done but you’re stressing out at the thought of picking up that phone.

Here are a few tips for warming up to the idea of cold calling.

1. Write your script. To avoid fumbling over your words or forgetting important points, it helps to have a script in front of you when you call prospective customers and clients. Practice it out-loud several times so you don’t end up mechanically following your script word-for-word. You don’t want people to think they are talking to a robot. The first couple of calls might seem forced but before long your words will flow freely and an occasional glance at your script will be all you need.

2. Give away FREE stuff. People love to get something for nothing and when they hear the word, “free,” they are more likely to stop and listen. Offer a small gift or discount with their first order or just for taking the time to meet with you for half an hour. Freebies are a great way to get people to try something or, at the very least, listen to what you have to say.

3. Just do it. There is nothing like facing your fears head on to give you a burst of confidence. Making that first call may take all of your strength but you’ll gain it all back, plus some, by the time you hang up. Even if the call doesn’t result in a sale, you did it! You took control of your fear, which already makes you a success!

4. Brush it off. Chances are, you will encounter rude people, even if they requested information and are expecting your call. But keep in mind they are not rejecting you, personally. Maybe they just had a bad day or are in the middle of watching their favorite television show. Ask if there is a better time to call and quickly end the call. Then forget about it and move on!

Like anything else, cold calling takes a little practice not only to get your words to come out smoothly but to develop a tough skin and determination to keep calling despite rejection. You will see success if you simply keep at it. Who knows? The one who says “yes,” may turn out to be your best client yet. Soon, you’ll be wondering why you ever sweated over cold calls.

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